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My virtual 1d red plate collection

Plate 71 front used 12 December 1865 Montrose to Stony Stratford, with the design by Pitman of Phonography "Expedition is the Soul of Business"

Plate 77 BA

Plate 86 DK imperf at top with part adjoining stamp. 736 STOCKTON canel.

Plate 86 EH 1865 "Harper Twelvetrees Clothes Wringer" Advertising cover

Plate 149 block of six cancelled by 855 telegraphic cancels

Plate 180 DE cancelled  by the red "PD" (Paid to Destination) in oval.

Plate 194 block of four cancelled by BIRMINGHAM "75" numerals in blue.

Plate 225 QG

Plate 119 Printed Advertising Envelope ISAAC PITMAN (Sir) Phonography Inventor, and was knighted ”NATIONAL PHONETIC ENVELOPE” franked with a 1d Rose-red SG43 Plate 119 (OJ) tied by the Bridlington duplex AP 12 1869 sent to Northon nr Malton, via Hull, with printed backflap, Published by A STEELE & Co. Glasgow

Plate 93 NA Alliance for the Total Suppression if Liquor Traffic cover

Plate 99 NF Wheeler & Wlsons Sewing Machines advertising cover Leyburn 

Plate 71 registration sheet

Combination piece 1d red unique

This is part of a wrapper used for a registered parcel in 11th May 1906 and as such is very late use for 1d plates let alone 1d stars. it's also very unusual to see a combination of both 1d stars and plates.The wrapper has been reused (you can tell this as there are some cancelled EDVII stamps on the other side). The rate of 5d has been paid for a parcel in excess of 2lb but less than 3lb weight plus 2d for registration.The 1d red plate (TI) is plate number 158, the vertical pair SL/TL plate 59 and the FF/FG pair plate 58, the single 1d star GC plate 56 and the damaged 1d star CL is unidentified. 

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