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Interesting Philatelic Nuggets.............
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Old Penny red articles
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Perkins Bacon - Loss of Contract
Unique 1d red stamps for sale
Penny reds for sale

Unique 1d red stamps for sale

1967 envelope paid for using a plate 123 SG43 1d red lettered TC and a contemporary 3d stamp - unique! £125.00 including registered signed for delivery.

Unique 1d red cover, £125.00

Unique combination piece. 1d red plate 148 SG43 lettered II mixed franking with a New Zealand 1874 6d blue tied with a 334 numeral of Halstead applied when the envelope was re-directed in the UK. This is especially unusual as the 1d red also shows 2  manufacturing flaws in the paper with a large prominent paper fibre across the face of the stamp from the eye down to the bottom right hand side and a couple of smaller ones. Unique - £125.00

Combination piece 1d red

Combination piece, £125.00

Mixed franking of a SG40 1d star and 4 x SG43 plate 173s. This is rarely seen and this piece is particularly unusual and unique in that the 1d star has faint traces of another cancel so was also used fraudulently! Lovely Stromeferry cancels. Unique - £495.00

Combination piece 1d red unique

Unique 1d red combination piece, £495.00

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